Revue Faire, Season 1, 1st to 15th issue, 2017-2018

15 issues × 20 pages (and sometimes more)
210 × 297 mm
CMYK or sometimes more
Saddle stitched binding
Design: Syndicat
Sold out, few copies available on demand

Critical publications dedicated to the analysis of Graphic Design are sadly few and far between today, particularly in France, but also in Europe as a whole.

          Adopting an analytical and critical posture with regard to the forms and activities of Graphic Design, Sacha Léopold and François Havegeer intend to establish a printed publication that deals with these practices. The publication will work with seven authors in its first year (Lise Brosseau, Manon Bruet, Thierry Chancogne, Céline Chazalviel, Jérôme Dupeyrat, Catherine Guiral and Étienne Hervy). This initially limited choice, linked to a desire to propose an experience with a group that has previously participated together in projects, will then allow for the inclusion of foreign authors in the second year of publication.


The goals of FAIRE are as follows:
— To produce a publication based on the rhythm of the school year (appearing from October to May), for undergraduate students as well as researchers and professionals, documenting contemporary and international practices along with the history and grammar of styles.
— To publish 15 bilingual (French/English 30000+30000 characters), A4, 20-page issues per year.
— To document each issue as a unique, tentacular subject addressed by a renowned author, by encountering the authors and Graphic Designers involved.
— To consider and print an iconography that is specific to these subjects.
— To focus on emblematic practices that go beyond questions set by current trends and the perishable nature of a magazine.
— To allow authors to submit their intentions concerning thematic openings without imposing a particular subject to be treated.
— To organize events, launches, and encounters with international figures from the field of Graphic Design in connection with each issue.
— To offer subscriptions on a twice-monthly basis.
— To allow people to find four assembled issues in bookshops every two months, distributed by Les Presses du réel and Idea Books.
— Il s’agit de FAIRE. It’s about DOING



n° 01 — A collectionRouge-gorge, Éditions Cent pages by SpMillot. Author: Thierry Chancogne
n° 02 — A technical platform: by Maximage. Author: Manon Bruet
n° 03 — A monographRecollected Work by Mevis & Van Deursen. Author: Étienne Hervy
n° 04 — A communication: invitation cards by the artist Stanley Brouwn. Author: Céline Chazalviel
n° 05 — An Instagram post: P/Pa/Para/Paradiso by jetset_experimental (July 1 2017). Author: Manon Bruet
n° 06 — A series of gesturesInvisible Touch, from Farocki to l’Architecture Aujourd’hui, some notes on the handling of things. Author: Catherine Guiral
n° 07 — A bookParallel Encyclopedia, Batia Suter. Author: Jérôme Dupeyrat
n° 08 — A residency: Coline Sunier and Charles Mazé at Villa Medici. Author: Thierry Chancogne
n° 09 — A typefaceMitim by Radim Pesko. Author: Thierry Chancogne
n° 10 — A line: Robert Brownjohn. Author: Étienne Hervy, Natasha Leluc
n° 11 — A printed exhibitionvol.19 by Klaus Scherübel, Title of the Show by Julia Born and THEREHERETHENTHEREby Simon Starling. Author: Jérôme Dupeyrat
n° 12 — A review: Poster of a Girl, Revue Emmanuelle. Author: Catherine Guiral & Sarah Vadé
n° 13 — A curatorial workGraphic Design in the White Cube by Peter Bil’ak. Author: Lise Brosseau
n° 14 — A series of posters: CDDB Théâtre de Lorient by M/M (Paris). Author: Étienne Hervy
n° 15 — The work done everyday: the Mucem. Authors: Manon Bruet and Thomas Petitjean. + Questions from Spassky Fischer to Experimental Jetset, Bureau Mirko Borsche, Cornel Windlin, OK-RM, Mevis & van Deursen, Strobo, Roosje Klap, Studio Dumbar. 

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