Stud, Aurélien Mole & Aurélie Jacquet

ISBN: 979-10-95991-01-4
164 + 4 pages
240 × 320 mm
Soft cover
Design: Syndicat
30 €
300 different copies


Stud compiles photographs that Aurélie Jacquet and Aurélien Mole shot while they were students at the French National School of Photography, respectively between 2012-2015 and 2000-2003. The images they chose from one another’s archives are staged by Syndicat. Alan Eglinton, a former student from the same school, conducts an interview with Nick Waplington. It sheds light on the notion of the retrospective gaze, which this book might be about. Unless the pictures we’re dealing with here are the kind one takes when learning photography? The publication is composed of 11 booklets of 16 pages. 10 of these booklets are chosen and assembled randomly, making each of the 300 copies unique.



Authors: Aurélien Mole, Aurélie Jacquet, Alan Eglinton, Nick Wapplington, Syndicat

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