Poster Photo Magazine no.1, 12 folded posters by 12 photographers

ISBN: 979-10-95991-34-2
Magazine: 25 × 34,5 cm
Posters: 50 × 68 cm


Poster Photo Magazine promotes a multifaceted view of photography practices. It showcases the work of iconic photographers and includes the latest generation of talents; the diverse approaches of iconographers merge with cutting-edge photorealistic production tools. Poster Photo Magazine is a platform for criticism, editing, curating, collecting, and decorating, allowing the readers to explore aesthetics beyond its canonisation.

Never have images been so displayed, allowing them to fold out of their pages, and to take over our walls, striking our retinas with their powerful resolution. By profaning the widely accepted cross-fold printing norm, the readers reconnect with the origins of the genre: posters inserted in popular publications, about football or music, motorcycles or ponies, often intended for the youth, who would then make these figures their own totems.


12 folded posters by 12 photographers:

Julia Andréone, Area of Work, Roman Cieslewicz, Stig De Block, Thomas Demand, Marie Deteneuille, Aurélien Froment, Antonio Masotti, Simon Menner, Marie Quéau, Kuba Ryniewicz, Deborah Turbeville

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