Un atelier à soi, Jennifer Caubet

éditions Empire & Cirva
ISBN: 979-10-95991-14-4
196 pages
212 × 310 mm
Design: Syndicat
27 €


This book traces Jennifer Caubet’s work during her residency at the Centre International de Recherche sur le Verre et les Arts plastiques (Cirva), from 2017 to 2019. Immersed in Cirva’s studio as well as in her own, Jennifer Caubet was able to experience the many variations of the glass material through dialogue with the art center’s team of glass technicians. The sculptural projects she has developed at Cirva question various recurring notions in her work as an artist: how sculpture negotiates the relations to spaces and territories using scale measurements and the interaction with the human body; how gesture and movement determine shape; and where the boundaries between sculpture and landscape lie. Designed as a journey through the gestation stages of her work, the notebooks function as a score, offering, in all transparency, a reading of her preparatory drawings, annotations, studio gestures, and up until her finished works.



Texts: Isabelle Reiher, Lise Guéhenneux, Fabien Faure, Jennifer Caubet

Intuitions, Naço, Marcelo Joulia — Red cover French Version: Marcelo Joulia